Delicious Ideas for Cold Brew Coffee

Ways to Use Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee Ice Cubes

This is a crowd-pleaser! Just simply freeze your cold brew concentrate in ice trays overnight. Once ready, you can use your cold brewed coffee cubes in a variety of drinks - from iced coffee in the morning to after-dinner beverages. 

Caffeinated Smoothies

Coffee ice cubes + banana + almond milk + almond butter = yum!

Affogato Ice Cream + Coffee Dessert

For the world's simplest, most delicious pick-me-up, turn to the affogato, gelato "drowned” in coffee. We recommend using a strong Cold Brew concentrate for this one - simply pour over a scoop of Vanilla ice cream or gelato!

Cold Brew Coffee Fudge Brownies

The coffee in these brownies takes the chocolate flavor to the next level. You have to try it! Our favorite recipe is here: