Why Cold Brew Coffee is the Way to Go

What is Cold Brewed Coffee?

Cold Brewed Coffee—also known as cold water extract or cold press—is a surprisingly simple coffee-brewing technique. Rather than hot water being used to extract the flavor from the ground coffee beans, which speeds up the brewing process, Cold Brewed coffee is made simply using ground coffee, a coffee filter, and room temperature/cold water. The grounds are then left to soak in this water for an extended period of time. Although it does take a little bit longer, the flavor you get from brewing your coffee cold definitely makes up for the time it takes to get that way.


Benefits of Drinking Cold Brewed Coffee

There are a number of reasons that people make the switch over to cold brewed coffee. Whether it be for health, taste, or budget, Cold Brewed Coffee is a great option for anyone. 

Cold Brewed vs. Hot Brewed

The chemical profiles of cold brewed coffee and hot brewed coffee are entirely different. Coffee beans contain oils and fatty acids that tend to be more soluble when brewed at higher temperatures. These chemicals can make the coffee taste bitter and more acidic. If you brew your coffee at a lower temperature—using the cold brew technique— the fatty acids and oils that are normally very much present in a hot cup of coffee are diminished. As a result, your coffee will be a whopping 65-70% less acidic, AND it will taste much smoother and sweeter.

Health Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee alone has some significant health benefits when you drink it the right way—not with loads of added sugar and cream. When you switch to brewing your coffee cold, you may be getting all the benefits of coffee, plus some—and even greater flavor. Some of the great health benefits of cold brew coffee include:

  • Lower acidity levels

The acidity levels in coffee can often mess with your body’s pH levels. This can cause issues such as gastric acid secretion, acid reflux, etc. Since Cold Brewed Coffee is higher in alkaline levels and lower in acidity, the chances that you feel discomfort from your favorite drink are substantially decreased.

  • Increased antioxidants

Coffee beans are full of antioxidants that are great for your health. However, exposure to high temperatures used when brewing your coffee hot destroys many of these important antioxidants. With Cold Brewed Coffee, you can maintain the high level of antioxidants, and get great tasting coffee as well!

The Money-Saving Way to Get Your Coffee Fix

The water to coffee grounds ratio is much higher in cold brewed coffee than hot brewed coffee. Also, if you let the cold brew sit for long enough, you are actually making a coffee concentrate that you can mix with more water to get the right flavor. You can make a big batch of cold brew and drink it for days. Since it is more highly concentrated, you will get more coffee out of the same amount of beans. Forget spending $5/cup at a coffee shop, make it at home!

The Best of Both Worlds

The great thing is, if you really do prefer your coffee hot, you can still brew it cold and then mix in some hot water when you’re ready to drink it. That way, you can get all the benefits of the cold brewed coffee along with the warmth and coziness that a hot cup of coffee provides.